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silicone structural adhesive is a kind of neutral si adhesive with high structural strength in the -50℃~250℃. fs 528 is a 10:1 two-component type, with fast curing speed and short curing time. fs 527 is a single-component type with simple operation,applied to outdoor, roof and field construction. the performance reach the standard requirements of gb 16776, gb 24266, astm c1184, etag 002, iec61215 and has been certified by etag 002, ul and other authoritative institutions. 


1) high modulus and high strength
2) moderate viscosity, excellent storage conditions and stable process window
3) excellent adhesion with glass, stone, cement, aluminum profile, steel, metal alloy, etc.
4) stable performance retention in harsh aging environment such as damp heat aging, uv aging and so on
5) good high and low temperature resistance,  no brittle, hardened or cracked at 50 c below zero and no soft or degrade at 150 

2、product property