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  • chairman jianhua lin and his team successfully developed copolyamide hot-melt web which broke the monopoly of japanese companies in the domestic market.
  • hangzhou first hot-melt adhesive film co., ltd. founded.
    we researched and developed high-quality solar eva film independently, formally enter the pv industry.
  • we completed the joint-stock reform, changed the company name to hangzhou first pv material co., ltd. and started the ipo.
    first launched solar backsheet into market.
  • in september of 2014,first successfully listed in shanghai stock exchange, and the stock is called “福斯特” for short with stock code is “603806”.
  • according to the strategic development target of “vigorously develop other new materials industry based on pv industry”, first decide to formally start the new material r&d on photosensitive dry film, fccl, aluminum laminated film, silicon encapsulation materials, etc.
  • building up the new company -- first material science (thailand) ltd, zhejiang first advanced material r&d institute officially in use, new material r&d forging ahead.
  • we changed the company name to hangzhou first applied material co., ltd, move forward with new material research and development, achieving sustained economic development, creating a new chapter in the company’s new excellent material business.
  • first will continuously focus on r&d of new materials, and become excellent material supplier.