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"spring breeze action" launch in an all-round way first a warm caring disadvantaged groups

from:firsthits:1154publish time:2016-01-28

on january 12, 2016 in the afternoon, linan city "spring breeze action" officially launched. start ceremony, and the other three companies take the lead in donations, first among them, first the donation of 350000 yuan. this year is to first in our city "spring breeze action" of the fifth year, accumulative total donation amount has reached 1.2 million yuan.

take care of the needy, compassion in action. first range across the company to carry out the "spring breeze action" employee donation activities. as of january 25, total amount of contributions received up to 16727 yuan, with warm action to help people in need, sharing life with beauty. at present, all donations has been passed on to "spring breeze action" office support for difficulties.

first for many years engaged in social public welfare activities, carry forward the traditional virtues, the practice of socialist core values, good performance of social responsibility to love.